Wedding Wednesday Table Number Tips


  • Ask your venue what kind of Table Number holders they have.  You want to ensure that they will work well with your table centre pieces.  You do not want the table number to get lost in your centre piece or table settings. If  Table Number holders are not provided there are options that you can look at.  There are a variety of holders you can find at wedding supply stores,  use a tent fold, or you can incorporate your table numbers into your centre piece.
  • If you are getting your table numbers designed from a stationery professional, ensure you know what kind of holder your table number will be going into.  You will then want to let your designer know if they need to leave room so when it is placed in the holder you do not lose any of the details.  You may also want to order and extra one or two, in the event that you need to make changes to your seating arrangement or table changes.
  •  Ensure that your Table Numbers are clear and easy to read.  If you are using Table Names instead of Table Numbers again ensure that they are easy to read.  You will want a readable font especially if the words are long. 
  •  When placing your Table Numbers on the table, it is best to have them pointing in the direction that your guests come into the venue.  This will allow your guests to find their tables easily.
  •  If using Table Names it may be easier to put them in alphabetical order around the room.  This will give some order to the tables and again will make it easier for your guests to find.  The last thing you want is your guests getting frustrated looking for their table.

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