Wedding Styles

Picking the style of wedding you want from the beginning will help with the planning throughout it. The following are the three types of weddings. However remember you can take elements of each to make it your own style. Use the following as a guideline to figure out what type of wedding you want.
Formal Wedding
  • Ceremony performed at a church
  • Usually an evening event
  • Formal Invitations with formal responses
  • Large wedding party
  • Large guest list (200+)
  • Sit down dinner with many courses
  • Live entertainment
Semi-Formal Wedding
  • Ceremony performed anywhere (Church, Park, Hall etc.)
  • Formal invitations with formal responses
  • Guest list of 75 – 200 People
  • Catered sit down dinner or catered buffet
  • DJ for reception
Informal Wedding
  • Ceremony performed at chapel, courthouse or at home
  • Invitations handmade or by calling guests
  • Fewer then 75 guests
  • Food catered or prepared by friends and family

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