I just realized this afternoon that this week is my two year anniversary of PaperCuts Invitation Design.  Wow does time fly.

At this time in 2009 I was starting up my business and planning for my wedding in October.  I wonder what I was thinking when I was deciding to do all this at once.

I cannot tell you how many wonderful clients I have had.  Each client has been so different and just a pleasure to work with.  I love that when each client comes in it is a different style and colour I get to work with.  This is really helping to grow my portfolio and just to have the honour to help these couples out on their invitations makes me at a loss for words.

In two years I have learned a lot about myself and about business

  • I can multi-task like a mad women when the pressure is on
  • I may have creative blocks at time, but when the creative juices flow do they ever flow
  • I love helping couples on a budget as much as I can
  • I have learned that sometimes I just cannot accommodate everyone.  Wither it be I just don’t carry the product or I cannot fit into their budget, it is okay, and I hopefully can steer them in a track they are looking for.
  • Invitations are time consuming.  Lots of folding and gluing.
  • Every bride is different.  They all have their unique wants and touches and it is exciting to see how I can make that come alive on paper.
  • I cannot control every situation.  Sometimes things are out of my hands for a little bit and you have to trust the people that I am dealing with.
  • Keep every email from every client.  I have had to go back and confirm stuff and it’s easier when it is in email form.
  • Ensure that deposits are put down before doing anything, and final payments are paid out before product is handed out.
  • I enjoy what I am doing, and although it can be stressful I know I can do this!