Stag & Doe Tips


– Write down what you are expecting in ticket sales (Assume around 60% of the tickets you sell are people that will show up, the other sales will be people just buying a ticket to support the bride and groom). For alcohol assume an average of 4 drinks per person and price accordingly. Finally add another 10% onto your total of ticket and alcohol sales to account for money collected from games/raffles.


– Select a hall that will comfortably hold the amount of people you are expecting as well as leave room for games/dancing and food. Check prices of halls for a Friday night and a Saturday night, a Friday night is typically cheaper however don’t compromise attendance. Check with the hall to see if you can do your own bar as this will be beneficial money wise. Also if you are planning to have games and raffles ensure that gambling is allowed in the hall, some halls do not allow it.


Involve Wedding Party

– Traditionally it was the wedding party that threw a stag and doe for the bride and groom however it is now more common to see the bride and groom now helping because of distance of party members. Divvy up responsibilities so that everyone has something to do and ensures that all tasks are being taken care of. Make sure that the wedding party knows what needs to be be done and who is doing what so there is no confusion.


Sell Tickets

– Since most of your money will come from ticket sales, sell tickets like crazy. The more that are sold the better. Make tickets prices reasonable ($10-$15) so it will encourage more people to buy, especially the ones that won’t be able to make it, a better price may get those people to buy them to support the bride and groom. Give out tickets to all wedding party members and parents and get them to sell them as well as having the bride and groom sell them.


– If you are going to do your own bar ensure you have all important permits in order to do so. An important one that some people may over look is getting insurance. This is the best option as if someone gets in an accident after being at your party you are insured and not liable. Price drinks accordingly and check to ensure you are pricing them according to liquor re-sale laws.


Draws/Door Prizes

– Have a variety of prizes that guests can choose to buy tickets for. You may need to invest a little for better prizes as you will sell more tickets on better prizes. Ensure you will make your money back and some.



– Run games that will make you the most profit. Make sure you have variety so that everyone will find something they will be interested in playing. Do however ensure that you don’t have too many games, and guests may tend to feel overwhelmed and not be willing to spend any more money.



– Food needs to be served anywhere there is alcohol being served. It cannot just be snacks so ensure you provide enough food for your guests. Sandwiches are always a good option, or anything hot that you can make lots of like lasagne.


  • Remember that where you can cut some costs will be beneficial for the bride and groom since this party is to help them out with covering some costs of their wedding.
  • Look into donations as much as you can to help cover and save money on prizes. Some wedding parties have each member donate an item.
  • Whatever the wedding party and bride and groom decide to so ensure that it is fun for all and do it as a team. The stag & doe is to be held to get people together to celebrate the occasion and everyone to enjoy themselves.
  • When planning take notes from other stag & does that you attend to help out the one that you are working on.

Have you planned a Stag and Doe??  What tips do you have?

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