A tough thing about having a business is coming up with an idea on what you want your company to be.  How do you want your company to be perceived?  Who is your target market going to be?

When I started PaperCuts Invitation Design in August of 2009, these were things that I had to think about.  I would research all different companies and learn about the industry.  There are truly some amazing people and companies out there.

After doing this for two years, I have met so many wonderful people wither I worked with them or not just meeting them was so great.  I have been learning so much from just meeting new people and going out of my comfort zone to help them out.  I realize that it is not my company that is going out of it’s way to help out people as much as I possibly can.  My company is really only me.  My company is me putting in crazy hours, passion and love into everything I do for a client.

I am thinking it is time to make PaperCuts Invitation Design more on a personal level.  I want people to come to my site and see that I am a down to earth fun person that really just loves what I do, and I truly want to help people out.  Every time I get a new client I don’t see it as “oh just another paycheque”.  I see it as this couple has chosen me to help them with one of the biggest days of their lives.  The invitations are just the start of their big day.  I actually feel honoured that they have chosen to work with me. 

I run my meetings out of my house, I want the couples to feel welcomed and really there is not a more personal place to welcome them then my house.  I want the experience to be one on one and personal. 

Stay tuned on the website as I update sections to include PaperCuts as a person, not just a business.