Theme Weddings


If you are planning a theme wedding there are things you want to take into consideration while planning.

  • Remember too much can be too much. When it comes to decorations you will want a amount that gives your event the right feel, however too many can look cluttered and tacky. Plan what and where you want your decorations
  • To boost the excitement of your guests for your themed wedding start from the very beginning. Pick out your theme at the beginning and carry it forward starting with Save the Date cards and Invitations.
  • Remember if you pick a theme and want guests to participate, some guests will not be interested in participating in the theme. However make them feel like it is alright if they don’t feel comfortable participating in the theme.
  • Colours are important to a theme. They make the theme come together. When picking colours take your theme into consideration. You do not want colours that will clash when the environment feel you are trying to make.

Thinking of a Theme Wedding, here are some ideas

  • Masquerade
  • Halloween
  • Beach
  • Tropical
  • Season
  • Fantasy
  • Fairy tale
  • Historical
  • Christmas
  • Vintage
  • Western

Since you are already thinking of a theme wedding you have a sense of creativity. Have fun with it and your guests will enjoy a wedding that is a little different.

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