Invitation Budgeting

So it has come to the time when you need to start booking your invitations.  Here are some thing to think about when stating your invitation process.

black pink invitation

  • Custom Invitation or Pre-designed Invitation?
    • When starting your invitation planning process think about what your expectations are for your invitations.  If you are looking for something that is unique and custom, hiring an invitation designer will be your best route.  If you are looking for something that is already pre-designed, online invitation or catalogue invitations are the way to go.
  • Custom Invitation
    • Going with an invitation design is going to give you more choice for making your perfect invitation designer.  An invitation designer will have a variety of papers and colours and customize it to your needs.  Of course going with a designer will increase your per invitation price.  Booking early with a designer will also ensure that you that you will be able to get that designer.  Designers book up fast. 
  • Pre-designed Invitation
    • Going with a pre-designed invitation is going to save you money however will give you limited selections.  Pre-designed invitations are normally templates that your personal information will get inputted to.  There is a large variety of pre-designed invitations online that you will defiantly be able to find something that you like.  PaperCuts Invitation Design uses weddingstar invitations at and Carlson Craft invitations at  Remember there are great prices out there, however not overly customizable.

Once you have decided the route that you want to take you will have to look at your budget.  When looking at your budget you will want to be realistic about what you want to spend. 

Pre-designed invitations will normally run $2 – 3$ per set and a custom invitation will start at about $5 per set and up. 

Also when you are budgeting remember to take postage into consideration.  A lot of invitations have embellishments and a nice heavy cardstock that will increase your postage cost. 

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