Menu Design Ideas

I love going to an event with a menu on the table.  Why you ask? I love food.  There is just something about sitting down and introducing yourself to the your new table mates and then having something to talk about…The Menu!

I also like to look at it to see what I am passing over to my husband in exchange for his veggies that he hates to eat.

Although menus are not a mandatory thing in weddings, it can also help with your table decor and give a heads up to your guests.  Guests may not have thought about their allergies when responding, so this gives them a chance to see what is being served and gives them time to let the server know.

Here are some of my favorite from Minted.  Click on your favorite for more information and to purchase.  Since I am a proud affiliate, I may be compensated from them for helping you find your menu purchase.

Of course there are way more on their site so don’t be afraid to check them all out there!

White Shadows Menu

from: Minted

Love Connection Menu

from: Minted

Paris Lights Menu

from: Minted

A Chalkboard Marriage Menu

from: Minted

Blackboard Perfection Menu

from: Minted

Kraft Woodland Tree Menu

from: Minted

Garden Lights Menu

from: Minted

Palm Menu

from: Minted

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