Paper and more – DIY Supplies

I have to admit I am a paper fanatic.  I was pretty bummed when I decided to close my own little invitation business because I knew I would miss all the paper. There is just something about the colours and textures that I loved.

 I was looking for a company to affiliate with that had product that was similar to what I used for my clients and I was happy when I found Paper and More since they have such a great selection.

 I am in love with pocket invites and pearlescent metallic colours.  These two were my biggest requests when dealing with clients.  Since so many people are so crafty I thought I would share Paper and More and their products to help you make your own invitations.

I have selected what I think are the must haves for your perfect wedding invitation.  Feel free to click the links to get further information and pricing. **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

 Must Haves:

 A7 Himalaya Pocket Invites. 


Popular Colours


Onyx Black

Steel Gray

Aqua Lagoon

Colours that I wish I had gotten to use

 Gold Vine Leaves

Black brocade on Pearl

Brown Bubble Swirl


 Use your wedding accent colour as a layer to mount your invitation part on.

 Belly Bands


Hold everything in place with a belly band in the colour of your inside accent colour, or add a pattern.

Monogram Square

Top off the classiness of the invitation you created with a monogram square.  Again with your accent colour or be fun and add another colour!


Don’t forget the envelope for both your invitation and your response card.  Match your pocketfold or again be a little fun and make your envelope a fun colour.

Here’s a tip from learning from my own mistakes.  If you do not have a laser printer metallic paper will not work in a inkjet.  The ink does not work well with the paper and smudges or looks really faint.

If possible budget to get your invitations and envelopes printed from Pockets and more especially if using metallic papers.  It will save you headaches, trust me!

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