Welcome Bag Idea

re you having a destination wedding or a wedding with out of town guests?  How about adding a little special touch to your wedding and supplying Welcome bags to your guests.

Here are some things you can provide in your Welcome Bag

  • Thank you Letter or Card – Let your guests now how thankful you are that they have traveled to join you and let them know how excited you are that they made it.  You can make each one personalized or do a standard one for everyone but sign each one individually when you are putting them in the bags.
  • Schedule – If you have a schedule of events you would like your guests to know about or attend, provide a summary of what information  you want to share.
  • Area Information – Give a list of places your guests might want to check out on down time like restaurants and attractions.  This will keep them busy while they are in town.
  • Fun Stuff – You can provide snacks or items like flip flops, sunglasses, bottled water etc.. Anything you think your guests will really enjoy is a great idea for the bag.

You do not need to spend a lot to make a big impact on your guests.  Get creative and personal and they will love the extra little touch you made.

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