Elegant Chalkboard – Cards and Pockets

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With the Chalkboard theme still very popular I thought I would show to you this Elegant Chalkboard Invitation Suite From Cards and Pockets. This suite includes everything from the Save the Date to the Thank you Cards.

Elegant Chalkboard includes a Signature Pocket in Silver, Invitation Mat in Antique Gold and Envelopes in Shadow and Gold Leaf.

Here are some of items you can get in this beautiful Invitation Suite. Click on your favorite items for more information and to purchase or click on the whole invitation suite to see everything available in this suite.

Elegant Chalkboard Invitation Suite

Signature Plus Pocket (Shown in Silver)

Invitation Mat (Shown in Antique Gold)

Elegant Chalkboard – Invitation Card

Elegant Chalkboard – RSVP Card 

A7 Envelope (Shown in Shadow)

RSVP Envelope (Shown in Gold Leaf)

Elegant Chalkboard Envelope Liner

Elegant Chalkboard – Program

Elegant Chalkboard – Custom Folded Place Cards

Elegant Chalkboard – Menu

Chalkboard Accents Minibook – minted

Please note I am a proud affiliate of minted and this post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated by minted for any purchase you make after clicking. No worries however as it costs you nothing. Enjoy!

In 2019 the Chalkboard theme is still going strong, and for those of you that have not seen the minibook’s that minted has to offer you will definitely need to check this one out.

Chalkboard Accents is a 7″x5″ minibook where you can add all your wedding information for your guests in a book format. With up to 6 pages you can add everything from the story of how you first met to what your guests should expect on your big day.

Chalkboard Accents comes in Chalkboard color or you can also customize the color to better suit your wedding color needs. There are 2 paper options: Standard Cover & Pearlescent to choose from. You also have the option to add RSVP cards and Thank you cards.

Take a look at this beautiful invitation and for more information and pricing quick on the items below.

Chalkboard Accents Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Chalkboard Accents RSVP Cards

from: Minted

Slated Forever – minted

I feel like every time I am on the minted website I find something new that I fall in love with.  Being a proud affiliate I love finding new things on their website and sharing them with you.  That being said, please know that I will be compensated for any purchase you make by clicking the links, but it is at no extra cost to you.  So I now share with you..Slated Forever.

Slated Forever is a beautiful wedding suite that you can get everything from the wedding website to your thank you cards.  This rustic, vintage chalkboard style suite is great for those of you that are planning a beautiful rustic wedding in the country or outside.

Slated Forever comes in several colors, as well as you can personalize your own color to match your color scheme.  Featured colors are Chalkboard, Chocolate, Blush, Taupe, Plum and Jade.  I especially like the Chalkboard and Taupe color.

Printing can be done in standard or even foil-pressed if you are looking to add an extra element of elegance to your suite.  I have showcased each type below.  Note that you can choose either for all items.

Paper choices include signature, Pearlescent, Recycled, Double Thick and Luxe Museum Board.  If you are unsure about what paper would work best don’t hesitate to contact their help and they will be more than willing to help you put it all together and give suggestions.

Check out all the great items you can choose from in the Slated Forever Suite and click on your favorite for more information and to order.

Slated Forever Wedding Websites

Slated Forever Save the Date Postcards

Slated Forever Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations

Slated Forever RSVP Postcards

Slated Forever Wedding Programs

Slated Forever Foil-Pressed Place Cards

Slated Forever Foil-pressed Table Numbers

Slated Forever Menu

Slated Forever Wedding Favor Tags

Slated Forever Thank You Cards

Chalkboard Wedding Ideas – My Wedding Favors

Chalkboards are another big theme for weddings this year.  They have become so popular for events due to their simple and rustic design.  My wedding favors has some great items you will want to look at.

The post contains affiliate links as we are a proud affiliate and will be compensated for any purchase you make from My wedding favors after clicking.  No worries to you however as it costs your nothing.  We are here to help share beautiful wedding ideas with you.

The chalk wedding directional signs are great for weddings or events that may be a little harder to navigate.  If you are having an outside wedding this is great to help your guests find where your ceremony is if it cannot be seen from where your guests park.  You want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to find you.

The chalk water bottle labels are a great addition to your theme.  If you are having a summer wedding outdoors and the weather is hot you can have these readily available for your guests for them to have a drink if they need. These are also great with your cocktail hour as your guests are mingling and having some drinks.  Encourage hydration. It’s best for everyone.

For more information on your favorite items below click to learn more and to order.

Have a beautiful rest of your weekend.

Personalized Chalk Statement Tags (Set of 12)

from: My Wedding Favors

Personalized Chalk Wedding Directional Sign (18×12)

from: My Wedding Favors

Personalized Chalk Sign (18×12)

from: My Wedding Favors

Personalized Chalk Poster (18×24)

from: My Wedding Favors

Vintage Milk Bottles with Chalk Heart Labels (Set of 12)

from: My Wedding Favors

Personalized Chalk Glass Mason Jar (Set of 12)

from: My Wedding Favors

Personalized Water Bottle Labels – Chalk

from: My Wedding Favors

Personalized Party Straw Flags – Chalk

from: My Wedding Favors

Chalkboard Ideas – Weddingstar

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Chalkboard are ever so popular at weddings and events still.  Wither its a country wedding, classic wedding or elegant wedding, chalkboards make an appearance in all of them.

I wanted to share today some fund chalkboard ideas from weddingstar.  For fellow Canadians, you will enjoy weddingstar since it is a Canadian based company.

I now present to you some lovely ideas to incorporate chalkboards into your event! Enjoy and happy shopping.

Large Scalloped Frame Tin Signs with Chalkboard

from: Weddingstar, Inc.

Small Scalloped Frame Tin Signs with Chalkboard

from: Weddingstar, Inc.

Personalized Directional Sign with Chalkboard Print Design

from: Weddingstar, Inc.

Personalized Seating Chart Kit With Chalkboard Print Design

from: Weddingstar, Inc.

Ornate Vintage Chalkboard Mounted on Faux Wood

from: Weddingstar, Inc.

Ornate Vintage Framed Chalkboard

from: Weddingstar, Inc.

Decorative Chalkboard with Stand

from: Weddingstar, Inc.

Spring Is Here!!!! Wedding Invitations

Well it finally is starting to feel like this winter is over.  Which means Spring time!  Spring weddings are always popular because it represents the beginning of something new. I took a peek over at Minted to see what they have for all you Spring Couples out there and here are some of my favorites.  Feel free to click on them to view and customize and purchase 🙂

*Note: by clicking the link will take you to the Minted Website.  Being affiliated with the site I may be compensated for your purchase.*

Ampersand Floral Wedding Invitations

Chalkboard Floral Wedding Invitations

Block Printed Floral Wedding Invitations

Charcoal and Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral Rain Wedding Invitations

Floral Romance Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Floral Canopy Wedding Invitations

Spring Dew Wedding Invitations

flower press Wedding Invitations

Merry Garden Wedding Invitations

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