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Holiday Card Ornaments – Minted

I am a super proud affiliate of minted and will be compensated from minted for your purchase you make after clicking any of the links below.  No worries to you however, as it does not cost you anything.

Are you looking for something a little different for holiday cards this year?  If so, you will have to check out Holiday Card Ornaments from Minted.  Choose from a variety of styles and paper selections to make the perfect card for your friends and family.

Here are some of my favorite ones, but there are so more to choose from.  Which one is your favorite Holiday Card Ornament?

Modern Joy Holiday Ornament Cards

Doodle Snowflake Holiday Ornament Cards

Snowy Sidewalks Holiday Ornament Cards

Simple Elegance Snowflake Holiday Ornament Cards

Merriest Vintage Holiday Ornament Cards

Holly & Leaves Holiday Ornament Cards


Holiday Booklette Cards – Minted

Being a proud affiliate of Minted please know that I will be compensated from Minted for your purchase you make after clicking any links.  You do not have to worry though it is at no extra cost to you so start planning your holiday cards now.

It’s November and I have just packed up the Halloween stuff so that means it is now officially time I can talk about Christmas Cards.

Minted has these amazing Holiday Booklette cards for you to check out.  If you are not familiar with Minted’s Booklette cards you will find that they are 8 pages of photos and text with gold staple binding.  These books accommodate 7 or more pictures and it gives your friends and family a keepsake as well as a updates them on all your fun adventures you and your family have had this past year.

Here are some of my favorite ones for you to look over and don’t forget there are so many more and so many options for you.  For more information and to order click on your favorite one.

The most important thing is to have fun designing your holiday cards.

All that Glitters Holiday Booklette Card

<img src="

Greetings Holiday Booklette Card

Seasonal Update Holiday Booklette Card

Simple Heart Holiday Booklette Card

Stamp Holiday Booklette Card

Wishlist Holiday Booklette Card

The Merriest Holiday Booklette Card

Holiday Card Sneak Peek – minted

We all know the minute that Halloween is over Christmas starts.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some Holiday Cards you will need to check out from minted.  You get to see more on here after Halloween, I promise.

I am a proud affiliate of minted so please know that if you buy something after clicking on the links below I will be compensated from minted for your purchase.  No worries to you though it costs you nothing. I love sharing minted’s wonderful products.

Also until October 29, 2018 you can enjoy 15% off Holiday cards $150+, 10% off $100+.  Check out their holiday card section to claim this great deal.  We all love saving money don’t we!

Snowing Holiday Cheer Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

from: Minted

Holiday Joy Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

from: Minted

Holiday Laurels Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

from: Minted

Bohemian Holiday Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

from: Minted

Holiday Parade Foil-Pressed Holiday Petite Cards

from: Minted

Bunting Holiday Holiday Petite Cards

from: Minted

Christmas Card Preview

I know a bunch of you are already planning your cards for Christmas so I wanted to help you get a jump on your planning.  I want to show you some of my favorite cards you can find at Shutterfly.  There are so many to choose from, they have a great selection.  Click on your favourite one below to get more information and pricing or to find even more to look at.

Being a proud affiliate I get compensated for your purchase from Shutterfly.  Don’t worry though it is at no cost to yourself and I will be putting some commission towards cats in need during this holiday season. So please shop away!

Spreading Love Christmas Card, Rounded Cor…

Bright Modern Greetings Holiday Card, Roun…

Sparkling Merry Flurries Christmas Card, R…

We Wish You Greeting Christmas Card, Round…

Wooden Door Merry Christmas Card, Square C…

Merry Wooden Lights Christmas Card, Square…

Basic Linen Banner Christmas Card, Square …

Filmstrip Merry Christmas Card, Rounded Co…

Let Your Joy Overflow Christmas Card, Roun…

Peaceful Merry Flurries Christmas Card, Sq…


Greetings Holiday Booklette Cards

Since Halloween is now over I can officially move on to Christmas.  I know lots of people are starting to book their holiday photos so I found this that I wanted to share ASAP.

Minted has now introduced Booklettes.  Like their popular Minibooks, Booklettes allow you to share your wonderful photos.  This Greeting booklette will give you 8 pages for pictures and text so that you can share all the exciting things that happened in 2015.

Click here for more information and for ordering from Minted.

greeting holiday booklette

Please note I may get compensated for helping you find your wonderful Christmas card this year. 🙂

Holiday Card Ornaments

Again finding some fun things that I love for you guys!

Minted has these super cute Holiday Card Ornaments.  Send festive greetings this year with a keepsake that friends and family will cherish.

Here are some of my favorite ones.  Click on your favorite for more information from Minted and to purchase 🙂

Winter Splendor Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Peace Love Joy Hugs Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Classic Happiest Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Merry Flake Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Sparkling Be Merry Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Simple Stamp Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Krafted Joy Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Sparkling Wreath Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Pine Laurel Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Sparkling Cheer Holiday Ornament Cards

from: Minted

Please note I may be compensated for your lovely ornament purchase.  Happy Holidays!

Christmas Sneak Peak – Holiday Minibook Cards

Okay, since it isn’t Halloween yet, and Halloween needs it’s own time to shine. So you only get a sneak peak of Christmas.

I thought I would share this cute Holiday Minibook Card.  This holiday minibook card allows you to put your wonderful Family Christmas photo as well as you can let them know what wonderful and new things happened over the year.  Share your year and your photos.

Check out the link for more information. Now Christmas I will see you after Halloween!

Celebratory Star Holiday Minibook™ Cards

from: Minted

Please note I may be compensated for your purchase of this lovely card. I am glad I was able to help you find your perfect Christmas card this year.

Foil Stamped Holiday Cards

When browsing around for Holidays cards I found some great Foil Stamped cards from Minted. Check out some of my favorite ones! Click to view and purchase!  Happy Holidays!

Wish Banner Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Year of Photos Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Classic Christmas Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Joy Emblem Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Holiday Revelry Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Joyfully Modern Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Type Frost Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Shimmering Peace Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards</a

Most Wonderful Time Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Glittering Joy Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Brushed Gold Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Joyful Season Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Overflowing Joy Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Merry Typography Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Christmas Twinkle Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Dotted Joy Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

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