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If you are looking for custom labels you have to check out Evermine. They have Wine & Beer Labels, Food & Craft Labels, Wedding Favor Labels, Canning Labels, Water Bottle Labels, Spice Labels & More. 

Wine & Beer labels are great for adding a personal touch to your event. These peel & stick labels are great to add to your favorite wine and beer. These are also great if you have made you own and want to add a personalized label to them. There are lots of designs to your choose from. Here are a couple of samples of my favorite designs.

custom large bottle labels – plum – bountiful botanical (set of 6)

from: Evermine

custom bottle labels – warm grey – bountiful botanical (set of 6)

from: Evermine

Food & Craft Labels at perfect for your personal creations. These labels are great for items like Jam, Sauces, and Canned items as well as craft items like sewing, paper and wood items you have created. Here are a couple of samples of my favorite designs.

custom large oval labels – rain – willow (set of 8)

from: Evermine

custom fancy square labels – chalkboard tuxedo – elements chalkboard (set of 12)

from: Evermine

Wedding Favor Labels are great to add the last final touch to a little something you will be giving your guests as a small thank you for attending.
Here are some of my favorite designs.

custom square labels – rose quartz/serenity – watercolor confetti (set of 20)

from: Evermine

custom small heart tags – burlap basic – vintage burlap (set of 20)

from: Evermine

Canning Labels are great for labeling all your items you have made especially if you have a variety of different items. Here are some of my favorite canning labels designs.

custom circle labels – sage – lafrenz (set of 12)

from: Evermine

custom scallop labels – fog – vintage unfiltered (set of 20)

from: Evermine

Check out everything they have to offer! Happy Shopping!

#diymonday – evermine Wine Labels

I don’t know if you know much about evermine, but evermine is a site where you can create your own personalized labels, coaster, tags, invitations etc.

I think wine labels are super fun for your wedding tables, you can even give wine as your favors!

evermine labels are peel and stick and come in a bunch of shapes, sizes and colours.  I picked a few of my favorite examples to help you guys start your process.  If you would like more information click on your favorite and evermine will be able to help you. Please note they compensate me for your purchase.

Which one is your favorite??

brush edge label
Brush Edge Wedding Labels

film edge labels
Film Edge Wedding Label

gatsby labels
Gatsby Wedding Label

katniss wedding label
Katniss Wedding Label

chalkboard label
Chalkboard Wedding Label


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