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Please note the following post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated from Paper and More for any purchase you make after clicking. However it is no extra cost to you. Enjoy.

You have decided to save some money and do your own invitations. Finding good quality and variety can sometimes be difficult when you go to craft stores. Although you may find some great stuff there it is hard to find custom items to match your theme and color of your invitations. I did my own wedding invitations and when I was doing them I was not aware of options out there and I struggled to find exactly what I was looking for. Paper and More is a great site that you will want to check out if you are needing invitation items.

So what items should you look for when you are buying online and what will you need ?

  1. We know the easiest item to think about it envelopes. You then want to think about the invitation itself.
  2. It is going to be backed with color, it is going to be in a pocket fold etc.
  3. Will you printing it yourself or will you get a company to do it which may have a bigger variety of paper to print on.
  4. Will you be including embellishments like belly bands, jewels, envelope liners.

Once you have thought of all these things, plan out what you want your invitation to look like and make a list of supplies you will need.

Pro tip: Order a couple extra of everything! This will keep your stress level down when you have messed up assembling one or there is that last minute guest you have to invite.

When everything is all in and you are ready to assemble get some of your good friends and family to help, make a event out of it. It will help you from not going crazy and keeps you entertained.

Here are some of the items from Paper and More you might want to check out. There is so much available and in so many varieties. If you need more information or to order any of them feel free to click and Paper and More will be happy to help.

Euro Flap Envelopesh
Square/Straight Flap Envelopes
Pocketfold Invitation – Design
Pocket Invitation
Card Stock Paper – Full Sheets
Belly Bands
Monogram Squares
Glitter Envelope Liner
Envelope Liners

Print It Yourself Invitations

Minted has a wonderful line of Print It Yourself Invitations for couples who are looking to save some money by putting in a little bit of the work themselves.

How it works is you choose your design and personalize it and then purchase for unlimited usage.  You check out and your invitation PDF is sent shortly after and all formatted and ready to print.  You can print on your home printer or even take it to your favorite copy center to get it printed.

Minted has a great online reference guide to make your printing task easier.   I have also included below some of my favorite Print It Yourself Invitation for you to check out and get some ideas on what is available. Click on your favorite for more information from Minted.  I am a proud affiliate and may get compensated from Minted for your purchase.

Take a look around, and enjoy making your own invitation. They will be awesome!

Classic Dragonfly Emblem Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Iconic Barnyard Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Charming Laurel Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Cozy Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Newsprint Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Beloved Monogram Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Greatest of These Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Kraft Label Print-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

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