Tamper Evident Seals – Evermine

Please note I am a proud affiliate of Evermine and this post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated by Evermine for any purchase you make after clicking. No worries however as it costs you nothing. Enjoy!

If you are selling or even just making a product that you want to show has not been tampered and is fresh you will want to check out the Tamper Evident Seals from Evermine.

These self-adhesive labels are great for jars and bottles. There is a variety of fonts, colors and icons to choose from to make your label customized to your product and style.

There are 2 lengths to choose from; 8 inches and 11 inches. You cal also choose from text only, icon only or Icon & Text Both.

After you are done making your product, stick one of these on and you are good to go. Click on your style below for more information and to purchase.

Text Only Tamper Evident Seals
Icon Only Tamper Evident Seals
text and icon
Icon & Text Evident Seals

Vintage Kraft – Evermine

If you are looking for some simple yet elegant vintage style invitations you will need to check out the Vintage Kraft Suite from Evermine.

Available in 4 colours and 4 different papers you will definitely be able to find what you are looking for.  This designs offers  a “richly textured, flecked and speckled golden-brown Kraft paper background and Little flecks of paper fibers create the rustic texture”. The font is a hand-drawn inline style, elegant in a straightforward, old fashioned way, and the supporting font is a sans serif”.

My favorite is the Kraft Basic and the Kraft Charcoal but don’t forget to check out the Kraft Grapefruit and Periwinkle if you are looking to add some colour.

For more information and purchase theses beautiful items, click on any of your favorite items below.  Papercuts Invitation Design is a proud affiliate of Evermine and will be compensated for your purchase, no worries to you though, it’s at not cost to you,

Enjoy your shopping!

custom tall save the date cards – kraft basic – vintage kraft (set of 10)

from: Evermine

custom invitations – kraft basic – vintage kraft (set of 10)

from: Evermine

custom response cards – kraft basic – vintage kraft (set of 10)

from: Evermine

custom large postage stamps – kraft basic – vintage kraft (set of 20)

from: Evermine

custom menus – kraft basic – vintage kraft (set of 10)

from: Evermine

diamond wedding favor tags – kraft basic – vintage kraft (set of 12) – $11.99

from: Evermine

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