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It is almost October! Here in our household we started to put up some Halloween decor today after going to a Farm with haunted houses last night. After doing that we realized it is time to get into the spirit.

Now if you have read some of my past Halloween posts you will know that we loved Halloween so much that we got married on Halloween. There were certain things that we found difficult when planning a Halloween wedding and invitations were one of them.
In the end we ended up making our own because there wasn’t much online and it ended up costing a fair amount to do them ourselves.

I thought I would share some Halloween Party invitations that I found on Minted that you could customize to fit in with your Halloween Wedding or party of course. These invitations are a great cost effect way to ensure you start our Halloween wedding or party off right. People love themed invitations. These are also great to help you wallet during your planning.

Check out the ones below and click on your favorite for more information and to order.

Dying to See You Holiday Party Invitations

A Ghastly Affair Holiday Party Invitations

vintage pumpkin seeds Holiday Party Invitations

Sugar Skull Holiday Party Invitations

Haunted House Holiday Party Invitations

Scary Holiday Party Invitations

Halloween Soiree Holiday Party Invitations

Halloween Wedding Ideas

Please note that I am a affiliate and will be compensated from Beau-coup for any purchase you make after clicking the links. No worries it’s at no cost to you.

Yes I know, another Halloween post in the same day. I wanted to add to the invitations post with some great favor ideas for your Halloween party or wedding!

I love these product ideas from Beau-coup. Click on your favorite items to get further information and to purchase. Happy Halloween and please note I may be compensated for your purchase! Happy Shopping!

Halloween Pen and Sticky Notes Favors
from: Beau-coup.com

Personalized Halloween Hershey’s Chocolate Bar
from: Beau-coup.com

Orange Skull Insulated Tumbler with Straw
from: Beau-coup.com

Personalized Halloween Mini Gift Tote
from: Beau-coup.com

Personalized Halloween Hershey’s Miniatures
from: Beau-coup.com

Personalized Halloween Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
from: Beau-coup.com

Personalized Halloween Hershey’s Kisses
from: Beau-coup.com

Personalized Halloween Favor Jar
from: Beau-coup.com

Personalized Halloween Shot Glass Votive Holder
from: Beau-coup.com

Personalized Holiday Napkins
from: Beau-coup.com

Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Okay! I know it seems early, but looking at my stats here, it looks like Halloween is on people’s minds already!!  Which excites me because I love Halloween!!  Sure it’s also my birthday and my wedding anniversary too!

I was looking around on Minted and found some fun Halloween Party invitations.   As well I feel a bunch of these would be great for Halloween Wedding Invitations.  They are all able to be customized and you can see your design as you are working on it.  I pulled some of my favorites to show you.

Feel free to click on them for further information and to personalize and order your own.  Enjoy and please note I may be compensated for your purchase.  Happy Halloween!

Eat, Drink, Be Scary Halloween Cards

from: Minted

Spirited Halloween Party Invitations

from: Minted

Spooktacular Holiday Party Invitations

from: Minted

Chilling Chalk Holiday Party Invitations

from: Minted

Halloween Chandelier Party Invitations

from: Minted

Elixir Holiday Party Invitations

from: Minted

Halloween Spirits Halloween Cards

from: Minted

Swanky Shaken and Stirred Holiday Party Invitations

Super Spooky Halloween Cards

from: Minted

Halloween Wedding Favors

Please note the following post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated for your purchase after clicking. No worries it’s at no cost to you.

Halloween weddings are a little personal for me as I got married on Halloween and loved it. One of the biggest challenges I had was what kind of favor I wanted to have. So I have collected really cool ones to show you. You can click on the picture to view and purchase.

Apple Cider Drink Mix in Personalized Natural Cotton Favor Bag

Personalized Halloween Hershey’s Miniatures

Personalized Halloween Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Halloween Pen and Sticky Notes Favors

Personalized Halloween Candy Tin

Personalized Halloween Hershey’s Kisses

Halloween Candy Coated Chocolate in Box with Personalized Label

This Calls For…A Halloween Wedding

I have been married this Halloween for two years.  Yes we did the Halloween wedding theme, yes we did the candy table etc.  I noticed that I get a lot of searches for Halloween Wedding Decoration ideas so I wanted to do this blog to show people what I did with mine and hopefully give some ideas.

First off I knew right away I did not want it to look cheesy and tacky.  You could easily go to the dollar store and pick up some cheesy stuff and just set it up.  However to make things look a little better buy some of that dollar store and put some creative flair into it.

halloween prep 019

We bought these from the dollar store and wanted to use them in our centerpieces.  So by adding some ripped pantyhose and paint we made out centerpieces.




We added some branches coming out of the top of the plastic skull, put a battery operated tea light so the skull would flicker.  Then put that all is a glass vase with stones.



















We also made personalized tombstones.  We bought insulation foam at our nearest home improvement store and then cut them into the shapes that we wanted our tombstones to be.

We then printed off what we wanted our stone to say from a Word document then stencilled into the board.  To make the wording have depth we used a wood burner to melt the board.

Once it was all carved black paint was used in the crevasses then used a combo of paint and water to make it look streaked.  To top off the look of an old tombstone we added some fake moss.


For Table Numbers we wanted something different.  We decided to use Horror Movie Titles and print them out on cardstock.  We bought some small pumpkins that had some imperfections so they were cheaper and then got knives and stabbed the cardstock into the pumpkin.


Every Halloween Wedding needs a candy table.  For ours we did a couple more tombstones to add to it, as well as little skeletons to hang out of the bowls.  We used some tiers to add some height to it and layered with fabric.  The best part was buying the candy.  We had chocolate bars, jelly bellies, rockets, candy corn etc.


For the Candy Table we had put candy bags at each table setting with a spider web on them then printed stickers with a Thank You message .

If I could go back I would not have put these at the table settings.  People went up to the candy table right away before dinner leaving other guests not having a chance on selection.  But hey you learn right.

I hope you have enjoyed some of my ideas that my hubby and I did for our wedding.  If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me of an email I would love to hear from you.  erin@papercutsinvitations.com

You should also check out these Until Death Do Us Part Invitations from Minted. They are perfect for your wedding theme.  Click below for my information and to order them and please note I will be compensated from minted for your purchase but don’t worry it is at no extra cost to you.

Until Death Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

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