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With being so busy making sure I kept up to date with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals it is nice to now just sit back and check out invitations again.  I feel like every-time I go onto sites I find something new.

I found these Booklette Cards on Minted today.  These Booklette cards allow you to add pictures and text to give a update to all your friends and family of your year.  I thought these ones would be great for couples who got married this past year because now is the time to show off all those beautiful pictures your photographer took.  This is also great for the people who couldn`t share your big day with you.  I went through and picked out the ones geared more towards weddings.  However there are so many other designs available so check them out on their site.

Click on your favorite to learn more on the Minted website.  Like always with being affiliated with Minted I may get compensated for your purchase of these great cards.

Delicate Fleck Holiday Booklette Card

from: Minted

Wedding Boughs Holiday Booklette Card

from: Minted

Simple Heart Holiday Booklette Card

from: Minted

Memento Holiday Booklette Card

from: Minted

Greetings Holiday Booklette Cards

Since Halloween is now over I can officially move on to Christmas.  I know lots of people are starting to book their holiday photos so I found this that I wanted to share ASAP.

Minted has now introduced Booklettes.  Like their popular Minibooks, Booklettes allow you to share your wonderful photos.  This Greeting booklette will give you 8 pages for pictures and text so that you can share all the exciting things that happened in 2015.

Click here for more information and for ordering from Minted.

greeting holiday booklette

Please note I may get compensated for helping you find your wonderful Christmas card this year. 🙂

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