Wedding Journals

Taking time to yourself during the wedding planning process or even after the wedding is almost a necessity.  These journals are a great way to write down your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Ever After Journals

Marital Nostalgia Journals

Folk Wedding Journals

Our Big Day Planning Journals

We Ate Cake Journals

Journals for Kids

I know I know, we all have computer and really who writes anything down anymore. Believe it or not many adults journal as a form of releasing stress and are getting their children to write in their own journal as well. Having a child write in their own personal journal allows them to express their feelings, creativity and giving them something to call their own. These journals are perfect as gifts and with it be personalized none of their friends will have the same. Here are some great Journals for kids. To view and purchase click below.

Simple Thoughts Journals

The Funniest Thing Journals

Wild One Journals

Fun Chevron Journals

Heartfelt Message Journals

Paint Splot Journals

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