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It may not feel like fall today with the humidity but fall is around the corner.  Fall is a popular time of year for weddings as the weather is cooler and the colors are incredible.  Minted has a beautiful fall invitation you will want to check out if you are having a fall wedding. 

Harvest Floral Letterpress are the invitations you will want to check out for your fall wedding.  Each invitation is printed on thick, soft paper on vintage Heidelberg presses.   Letterpress printing is available in 1, 2 and 3 colors.  Matching accessories for this invitation suite includes Directions cards, Reception cards, RSVP cards and Thank you cards.

Harvest Floral Letterpress Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Harvest Floral Letterpress Directions Cards

from: Minted

Harvest Floral Letterpress Reception Cards

from: Minted

Harvest Floral Letterpress RSVP Cards

from: Minted

Harvest Floral Letterpress Thank You Cards

from: Minted

Letterpress Embassy With Leaves – Crane & Co.

Crane & Co. has such elegant invitations that I wanted to showcase another great one.

Letterpress Embassy with Leaves is a beautiful 100% cotton paper invitation with moss green leaves on a pearl white paper.  You have the option to select your ink colour and as well as adding an optional liner. With corresponding response cards and reception cards available, these will make your beautiful invitations complete.

This invitation will add a perfect touch of elegance to your spring or summer wedding.  If you are interested in this invitation click below for more information and pricing from Crane & Co.  Being a proud affiliate we will be compensated for your purchase at no cost to yourself.

Crane & Co. has so many beautiful elegant invitations don’t forget to check them all out.


Letterpress Embassy Wedding Invitation with Leaves

letterpress embassy wedding invitation with leaves


Alabaster Florals Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Please note I am a proud affiliate of minted and this post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated by minted for any purchase you make after clicking. No worries however as it costs you nothing. Enjoy!

Found a Minted invitation I thought I would share for all of you looking for letterpress invitations for your wedding.

This Alabaster Florals invitation has many options you can choose from. They come in 4 colours (Sea, Petal, Moss and Lavender) or you can even customize your colour as well. The basic card is based on 1 colour letterpress but you can use up to 3 colours to letterpress if you wish.

You can also get other items such as Reception Card, Directions Card, RSVP cards and Thank you cards. This way you can have a whole suite done in the same theme.

Click on the image to check out their site and all the options available to purchase

Alabaster Florals Letterpress Wedding Invitations
from: Minted

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