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Please note I am a proud affiliate of minted and this post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated by minted for any purchase you make after clicking. No worries however as it costs you nothing. Enjoy!

I was on the Minted website today and noticed they have released their 2019 Invitation Designs. There are so many great ones on there to check out. Everything from simple to elegant and everything in between.

I looked through and found some of my favorites to share with you. Click on your favorite for more information or to purchase.

Go now and check out the minted 2019 Invitations!

Just The Two Of Us Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Beautiful Posies Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

And The Adventure Begins Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Watermark Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Paradise Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Fancifully Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Ring Box Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Heartbeat Wedding Invitation

I found this heartbeat wedding invitation on Minted and thought it would be super cute for a nice spring wedding or a super cute summer wedding outdoors.  I love how this invitation is simple and has just a punch of colour.

You have the option of getting in a classic invitation size or even the new popular petite size.  There are 6 standard colour varieties you can chose from or you can even select your own colour to match your wedding colours.

You don’t even have to stop at the invitation you can get your thank you card in the same style.  For more information on pricing and ordering please click on the your favorite below.  Please note being a proud minted affiliate that I may be compensated for your purchase from minted.

Happy Planning!

Heartbeat Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Heartbeat RSVP Cards

from: Minted

Heartbeat Directions Cards

from: Minted

Heartbeat Reception Cards

from: Minted

Heartbeat Thank You Cards

from: Minted

Cordial Flourish – Minted

A very popular design I found when I used to meet with clients is that they loved having their names stand out on a invitation.  Wither it was a different colour or font, their names being shown off always came up in conversation.

Having a nice simple design and just changing the colour or the font size is what makes the following invitation one of my favorites.  Minted has a great invitation suite called Cordial Flourish.  It is a simple yet elegant suite and with several colour options.

Spring wedding? You will want to check this out.  For more information on the following, click on your favorite product for ordering and pricing information from the minted website.  Please note since I am a proud affiliate I will be compensated by Minted for your purchase.

Enjoy your invitation shopping!

Cordial Flourish Wedding Invitations

from: Minted

Cordial Flourish RSVP Cards

from: Minted

Cordial Flourish Thank You Cards

from: Minted

Love Nouveau Wedding Invitation Minibook™

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend and welcome to Spring.  To top it off this week is a short week, Good Friday!  Can’t wait to spend it with Family and relax.

I had some time tonight and have seen how hot Minibooks have been on the site lately so thought I would showcase another one from Minted.

This one is called Love Nouveau and I love the simple but elegant feel of this one.  I thought I would also add-on some of the other items in the same theme you might enjoy as well.  I think this would be great for a cute summer wedding.  Cannot wait for summer that’s for sure!

Click on the fun stuff below and for pricing from Minted.  I am a proud affiliate of Minted and may be compensated for your purchase.

Love Nouveau Wedding Invitation Minibooks

Love Nouveau RSVP Cards

Love Nouveau Thank You Cards

Simple and Sweet Wedding Invitations

With there being so many different designs and colours of wedding invitations around, sometimes it’s nice to be simple and elegant.  The Love Connection theme from Minted is one of my favorites.  Check out these cute pieces.  Click to view and purchase these cute invitations.

Please note we are affiliated with Minted and the link will take you right to their site. We may get compensated for your purchase. Thank you for visiting and sharing a favorite of mine.

Love Connection Save the Date Cards

Love Connection Wedding Invitations

Love Connection Wedding Programs

Love Connection Place Cards

Love Connection Menu

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