Fans! Fans! Fans!

Fans are a great idea if you are planning a summer or destination wedding.  These fans make a great gift for your guest and will keep them nice and cool on a hot day.  Put them on your guests chairs or hand them out to help them beat the heat.  Here are some great ideas! Click your favorite for more details!

Cherry Blossom Silk Hand Fans

Buri Fans

Colored Paper Hand Fan

Contemporary Hearts Personalized Fans

Color Paddle Fan

Asian Sandalwood Fans

Monogrammed Favor Hand Fans

Personalized Silk Fans

Asian Paper Hand Fans

Wedding Program Fans

Seashell Wedding Program Fans

A Message For The Couple

Are you looking for something for something different then a guest book for your wedding. 


Why not try a Wooden Memory Gift Box. 

Have your guests leave something like :

  • a memory of the couple
  • a joke
  • some advice
  • well wishes

You can purchase the box at

and you can purchase the stationery at:

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